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Best Portable Generator Reviews: 3 Of The Best Models

If you have a portable generator at home, you do not need to be told the kind of benefits you can net from it. When disaster strikes and you are left without power, the next thing that comes into your mind is a generator. However, with several models and designs being unveiled every year, being completely lost and spoil for choice is natural. For starters, here are the best portable generator reviews; mentioned are three efficient and affordable models of generators.

Westinghouse WH7500E

When this model first hit the market, it was seen by many as an attempt by the company to monopolize the generator market with a more efficient and affordable design. Capable of running at 7,500 watts and peak power of 9,000 watts, this portable generator has charmed the hearts of many homeowners. The designers were exceptionally crafty and made sure their item was refined and made the best. Its capability to run for an astonishing 12 hours non-stop when full-tank and 50 percent loaded makes this generator worth checking out. Some of the key features of this Westinghouse generator include a gallon gas tank, front folding handle design and 10 inch tires.

Generac GP550

With an impressive power of 5500 watts, what else can you possibly ask for? When power goes out, this little machine can effortlessly power almost anything from several home appliances, lamps and electronics, as well. As if that is not enough; its user-friendly design clearly tells you this is not an ordinary generator. Most of its key features have been perfectly laid out and comes with one of the best easy-fill-oil opening. This model from Generac is efficient, reliable and can easily start with just one or two pulls. I would buy this model anytime.

Champion 42436

This model of portable generator cannot power your entire house, but it is one of the best choices for camping and powering small home appliances and electronics. Although, its output power is relatively low, it is good for the price. After all, with features such as low-oil shutdown, fuel gauge and CARB-complaint emissions, this portable power generating gadget comes fully equipped with everything you will need when it comes to convenience. Apart from other key features, this portable generator is quite affordable, easy to carry and remarkably efficient. So if for years you have always wanted a generator that can deliver the most value out of your money, this is what you should be going for next.

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